Dynamic development with Frank!Containers


Easier local development and blue-green cloud deployments!

Containerisation of applications offers many advantages, especially in combination with an orchestration platform such as Kubernetes. Containers provide simple, reproducible deployments that work the same on all environments and can be easily scaled to the desired load. Also, upgrades and changes with containers are easier to roll out. With the arrival of DevOps, developers themselves will do more management of the applications they develop. Then containers offer the possibility to take that step, by delivering fully running applications including an underlying stack. This saves the DevOps Engineer a lot of time because he does not have to worry about the stack and can fully concentrate on the application itself.



The opensource Frank!Framework is also available as different container images. Our Frank!Containers can be used locally by developers or deployed to deploy their integration configurations. Locally, developers can easily develop and test their Frank!Configurations without having to worry that the application will behave differently with another Frank!Developer. By also running peripheral systems, such as databases in a container, developers can easily test the behaviour of the integration application locally. The DevOps Engineers no longer have to install the software on their own computers, which simplifies the work for integration developers.



Our Frank!Containers are stateless and can therefore easily scale horizontally at high load. In combination with a Kubernetes cluster, a new configuration, blue-green, can be deployed without the customers experiencing downtime.

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Where possible, our Frank!Containers are based on open source software and fully adaptable to the environment in which they have to run. We use Tomcat as a basis as much as possible. Documentation is available to configure it yourself, giving DevOps teams the ability to take control of their stack.

More information about the Frank!Containers and the Frank!Framework can be found on our GitHub: github.com/ibissource/iaf/tree/master/docker


The Frank!Containers can be used from release 7.6 of the Frank!Framework. Do you want more information? Contact us below for a consultation.

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