Frank!Framework from a Java developer’s perspective

Most information on the Frank!Framework is is focussed on integration developers without Java knowledge. It focuses on how to create a Java based integration solution/application using the Frank!Framework. But how could a Java Developer start leveraging the Frameworks potential?



The most common way Java developers extend the framework is by adding custom listeners, sender and pipes.  Another option would be overriding existing building blocks. The results: new or improved functionality! Being an fully open source framework a pull request is appreciated if your code adds to the value of the framework.



A second way to take leverage on the Frank!Framework is to extend your existing Java application. To implement this feature, just place the dispatcher (called IbisServiceDispatcher) on the class-path of your existing application. The IbisServiceDispatcher can be used to communicate between applications that reside within the same JVM. It was developed to provide a uniform means of communication between native Java and the Frank!Framework adapters.



A short summary of the most valuable service management features

  • An API and web console where the maintainers of your application can self-manage most of the application
  • Role based authentication on management console and API provided by your application;
  • Access to logging, adapter statistics and traces;
  • Access to the resources used in your application f.e. databases, queues
  • Debugging/test tool that allows you to capture test cases in any environment.

In addition, the wide variety of connectivity components that are already available in the framework will save you the time of creating, implementing and maintaining the connections to other resources. It will also allow you to focus on your java code instead of spending all your time helping the people maintaining your component and recreating similar code. By adding your code to the framework you can make it available for yourself and others to make the reuse even better.



If you are a Java developer you can extend the Frank!Framework with your own java code. In addition you can extend your existing Java application with the Frank!Framework! Above all,  it will allow you to focus on creating those high quality Java solutions instead of having to maintain multiple versions of the same code with a slightly different implementation.

Need help wrapping your Java code in the Frank!Framework?