Testing and debugging streaming implementation


The last straws of our 7.6 release include making our debug/test tooling (ladybug) suitable for streaming implementations.

An important feature in the latest Frank!Framework 7.6 release is the ability to fully deploy adapters streaming. Processing streaming has one drawback, and that is that stream isn't available in its entirety. It is therefore not easy to show. In normal use of the applications or integration components, then it’s not a problem, but what if you want to view your message or use a stream message as a stub.

Ladybug customizations

The Ladybug has now been modified to detect whether the passed input is a stream object. If the first part of the stream is saved for display and in the case of a stub, the entire stream is saved to ensure that the application receives the same input. By default, to support byte and character streams, there is also support for byte arrays, XML DOM objects, Date objects and all objects that can be properly converted to XML (and back) by the XML Encoder of the JDK. If you need other objects, you can easily add them by implementing the MessageEncoder interface.




Do you want to see more technical details or view the implementation? Go to https://github.com/ibissource/ibis-ladybug


In our latest release of the Frank! Framework(7.6) we offer standard streaming. Would you like more information? Contact us here for a consultation.

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