5 ways The Frank!Framework makes integration easier for insurance companies

The Frank!Framework is an open-source integration framework and it’s the foundation for  integration of business systems and applications. Simply put, it makes the Frank!Framework easier for organizations to integrate all kinds of systems with each other, in order to expand and facilitate work. In this blog you can read the 5 ways in which the Frank!Framework makes it easier for the insurer.

Way 1: Automatic email processing

For example The Frank!Framework helps with automatic processing of emails by integrating with your email system. This allows you as an insurer to easily process emails from your CRM system and work from one system, instead of switching between your email system and CRM. In addition, the Frank!Framework can ensure that your incoming emails are processed automatically.


Way 2: Archive migration with a CMIS bridge

Linking an archive is often standardized via CMIS, but sometimes it can be complex to realize. There is usually a discrepancy between the implementation: names of containers, system fields used and the protocol. If you want to connect "old" applications to your new archive, it may turn out that the CMIS standard does not have to be a recipe for success. With a CMIS Bridge you can avoid the Big Bang migration scenario. The bridge translates between the different CMIS protocols and can manipulate individual message to apply a data mapping. This allows you to easily and more quickly connect your "old" applications to your new archive. In addition to the CMIS bridge, the Frank!Framework also has other CMIS connectors in order to easily expose or connect to other services.


Way 3: A Step-by-step archive migration

It also makes the Frank!Framework step-by-step data migration possible with an archive migration. This is important when you want to migrate an archive with large numbers of documents (for example millions of documents). When this is done in bulk, the process is a lot more error-prone than when this is done step by step. This also allows you to test if the migrated files got through properly.


Way 4: A stable and secure integration system

The Frank!Framework is a proven migration and integration framework that has been working stably for 20 years. For example, there have hardly been any high-priority incidents in the past 10 years and the system is closely monitored for safety by our Life Cycle Management protocols (LCM).

In addition, the Frank!Framework has a proven track record. In fact, the framework is used by the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. More than 200 integration applications, with more than 5000 end-to-end integrations have been built with the Frank!Framework, running on more than 500 production nodes.


Way 5: Easily integrate and manage complex systems

The Frank!Framework makes it possible to build and manage complex integrations in a simple and standardized manner. It even makes it possible to manage the insight and manageability of the chain as a business department, without being dependent on the IT department.

In the event of an error message, this is easily visible in the framework and can often be solved directly in the framework.


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