Why you shouldn't choose for TIBCO, MuleSoft or WSO2 as Open Source integration specialist

The title of this blog sounds very strict, doesn’t it? And you might even think it has a certain ‘I am Frank, and I approve this message’ element to it. Nevertheless, we want to help you on your way in the choice you make for an integration specialist. What should you think about, before you go into business with large parties such as TIBCO, MuleSoft or WSO2?

Is the solution truly Open Source?

The Frank!Framework is an open source solution. This means that other developers can also get started with our framework. We like to contribute to the framework ourselves, but also on behalf of customers. When new components or features are developed, they are made available to all users so that everyone can benefit

Many companies such as MuleSoft and WSO2 often require you to purchase a mandatory subscription if you want to use the enterprise version. This means, first, that their Open Source solution often has limited functionality and, second, that if you have to take an expensive subscription you can hardly call it Open Source anymore. Also consider the innovative ability and transparency of an Open Source integration specialist.


Be aware of vendor lock-in

We offer the Frank!Framework including an extensive management environment, any customization and a management contract. That's it. In our framework, the technical layer is decoupled from the functional layer. We use open standards, which means that parts of the functional layer can be reused within other solutions. So should you want to switch, you don't have to rebuild everything from scratch.

With parties like TIBCO, MuleSoft and WSO2, you have to pay attention that you don't have to buy a mandatory subscription or license and that you can switch vendors with ease. We often see other products offered (for free) in addition to an integration framework. The catch comes up in the next contract negotiations, when you start paying for the entire suite of additional solutions. So be aware of vendor lock-in.


What are you actually paying for?

Anyone can use our Open Source software for free. Moreover, the connections in our Frank!Framework are configured at a higher level of abstraction, which means you don't need expensive Java developers. Furthermore, both business users and technical integration specialists can build, manage and maintain connections. Therefore, an Open Source and user-friendly framework quickly saves a lot of costs.

When looking at integration solutions from TIBCO, MuleSoft and WSO2, for example, take a look at what level of knowledge your developers and administrators need. Can they solve incidents themselves or do you need support from an expensive (and perhaps poorly available) consultant? And can you easily upgrade to a new version or do you need to face a major migration, as is the case with TIBCO BW5 to BW6?


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Good service and support

Just because we offer an Open Source framework you can use for free, doesn't mean we compromise on our service and commitment. We offer you an optional and affordable management contract and are available 24/7, if you want. We are driven to continuously improve the Frank!Framework. If you run into a problem, we will work with you immediately to find a solution.

Therefore, when selecting an integration specialist, also consider their support. How quickly are patches and feature requests delivered? Is there active knowledge transfer? Are any issues resolved quickly or do you hang up the phone every day to get an update? In addition, TIBCO and MuleSoft often work with integrators: outside parties who build the connections for them. So in-house expertise is also something to be aware of.


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