What are the costs of a Proof of Concept at WeAreFrank!?

We understand that as an organization you will first want to test an integration solution, to see if the provided software is meeting your expectations. A Proof of Concept (PoC) can offer you a solution.

We are currently offering a 50% discount, that will advise you off all the possibilities our Frank!Framework can offer you. On top of that, you will benefit from our many years of integration knowledge while getting a feel for our cooperation with our specialists. We often come across the misbelief that there are high costs associated with a PoC. But that’s not always the case, because we are delivering a High- Quality Proof of Concept with a discount.

Carry on reading to find out how we can make this possible for you and what we can offer you.

What exactly is a Proof of Concept??

A Proof of Concept has been created to see whether a certain technology is suitable for a specific purpose. We’ve known for a long time that our integration framework is a successful tool. We also want to give you the customer an opportunity to test it for yourself!

We like to work with Proof of Concepts.Why? We think It’s an accessible way to discover how easily you can build smart integrations with our Frank!Framework. Our solution will not cost you a handful of money, as our integration specialists can easily solve your specific question with the framework, without the need for expensive developers.

Do you have a complex integration puzzle  for us?

Proof of concept aanvragen


PoC 1: connection from API to API

What may seem like a complex Java integration to you, will be a straightforward implementation for us with our Frank!Framework. For example if you, thought about connecting two API’S. We can set up an integration test environment within 40 hours. Perhaps you are now thinking what the cost of such a test may be.

40 hours x €80 is €3.200, but we are offering a 50% Frank! Discount you only get €1.600 excluding VAT. We can keep those costs low because you don’t need an architect or Java programmer for an API-to-API connection.

Our integration specialists build this link for you with the standard components of our framework and proves that the solution actually works.

Are you satisfied and want to put the link live in a production environment? We only need 40 extra hours for that. We will place the link in your production environment for €3.200 excluding VAT. This way you can immediately experience the benefits of our Frank!Framework.


PoC 2: solve your difficult integration problem

Are you dealing with a difficult integration problem and it’s really giving you a headache? We are more than happy to set up a Proof of Concept for this. Transactionality, error storage, re-sending of messages or a protocol still unknown to us, this integration may be more complex than a simple linking of APIs. This is why we first start with a small-scale research before we start with the realization.

One of our integration architects will first conduct a two day research into your integration problem. We may have to make a small addition to the framework, but in 80 hours we will show you that complex links and integrations also fit within our Frank!Framework. We will not solve your problem for €10.000 (80 hours x €125), but for only €5.000 excluding VAT (with a 50% Frank!Discount).

For that amount you will get:

  • · A Preliminary investigation and inventory- 16 hours x €125 is €2.000, but with a 50% Frank!Discount you only have to pay €1.000 excluding VAT;
  • · The construction and customization of the Frank!Framework - 64 hours x €125 is €8.000, but with a 50% Frank!Discount the total price will be €4.000 excluding VAT.

The same applies here: whenever you want to go live with the link or integration to your production environment, it’s up to you. We can arrange this for you with just 40 extra hours for €3.200 excluding VAT. Then you are immediately relieved of your integration problem!


Take advantage of our Proof of Concept with a discount

We are simply open and honest about our prices. You will not find any fine prints with us afterwards. We also provide you advice during the PoC: how do you best tackle a problem and for which challenges should we make provisions for in the adapter? You can even let us host your integration environment in our cloud environment with Frank!-as-a-service (F!AAs). So, are you struggling with a specific integration issue? And do you want to get to know our Frank!Framework? Then request a Proof of Concept and finally get rid of that headache!

Proof of concept aanvragen

Do you have a complex integration puzzle  for us?

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