Frank!Framework release 7.6


Mid March we have v7.6.RC-1 of the Frank! Framework launched. The most important features of 7.6 are explained in this blog.

In the past six months we have built many new features and made improvements to our open source Frank!Framework, the integration framework for the business community of the Netherlands! In this blog I will briefly explain the most important features and improvements.



We have created various Docker images, including Tomcat, jBoss and WebSphere. You can then combine this with our Oracle, MSSQL, MySql, MariaDB and PostgreSQL images. Our official images are on GitHub that we test with on a daily basis. Also read our previous blog;



We have rewritten our data source and connectionFactory deployments to make it easier and faster for the framework to set up connections and also cache them where possible. You can also dynamically connect to a database or queue without having to record the endpoint information in your configuration.



We have completely refactored the technical implementation so that we can now get better with input streams but also with the delivery of output streams. This results in a huge improvement in memory usage and performance. For more information you can visit our previous blogs; and read.



The Frank! Framework already delivered an automatically generated WSDL to WebServices, but the Frank! Framework can also automatically offer an OpenApi specification! It is also possible to adapt an existing WebService as an API with minimal customization.



For a complete overview of all our features and improvements see:

Do you want to know the future steps of the Frank! Framework? Take a look here:


The final 7.6 release will follow in Q2. Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us below for a consultation.

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