Why you should choose for WeAreFrank! as an Open Source integration specialist

Maybe you started linking two applications once and have now ended up with a jumble of knotted systems and applications. It's time to take that complex mass apart and provide an overview and a transparent management environment. We have been an Open Source integration specialist for more than 20 years and are happy to help you with this. Why is it smart to choose us? This is a combination of our uniform way of developing, our Open-Source framework and transparent management console.



To integrate systems, we have developed the Frank! Framework an Open-Source platform with more than 100 building blocks. You can configure and link those building blocks without programming. The (Java) links are easy to use using XML configurations or our Frank!Flow.

When you use the framework, you can be sure that your links are built in a uniform way. The Frank! Framework has all the components needed to integrate existing business systems and thousands of business applications. The result is a custom integration with standard building blocks that have already been tested.


100% Open Source framework

With us there is no vendor lock-in or mandatory licenses, when you want to put your application into production. Open Source is truly Open Source and that makes system integration 90% cheaper than with Closed Source solutions. You are and remain the owner of the configuration and business logic that we build for you.

When we have developed a new component ourselves or at the request of a customer, we place it directly in the framework. That way, we give it back to the community, so that everyone can reuse this new component. Just the way it should be with a Open Source community



All Java and integration applications running with us the Frank! framework, have a management console. It functions as a glassbox and ensures that functional administrators can solve 99 out of 100 problems themselves. But also analyzing message flows, testing and creating reports, your administrators can simply do it themselves. Your expensively paid programmers can therefore engage in innovations and their own work!

All Java and integration applications running with us Frank! framework, have a management console.

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Support as a Service

After your applications have been put into production, we will of course offer you support. But this is not mandatory. You can purchase support from us for every conceivable issue, without having to purchase a number of licenses. You have all the freedom to choose how much help you need from us: from nothing at all to an enterprise service contract of which you determine the duration yourself. This is how our Support-as-a-Service works.



We were able to convince you of our unique characteristics as an Open Source integration specialist and our Frank!Framework? We show you that data and system integration doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. We have successfully completed all the projects that we have been allowed to carry out in the past 20 years, within budget and planning.



We are happy to visit you to provide a demo, specifically for your integration issue. Email our colleague Erwin Beets (erwin@wearefrank.nl) or call 010-340 5010 to make an appointment without any commitment.

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