The method and costs of WeAreFrank! without vendor lock-in

Our uniform working method and Open Source integration framework automatically reduce development and management costs. Without being directly tied to a long-term contract. How does that work? We'd be happy to explain.


Our Open Source Frank!Framework ensures that you can easily build custom couplings for (complex) business systems. The integration components are ready-made building blocks for commonly used business and cloud applications. These building blocks are developed and tested in a uniform manner, enabling quick installation and configuration.

Because of this uniform working method, we save on development capacity and fewer steps are needed before your application can be put into production. In addition, interchangeability between developers or integration specialists arises, because all processes are carried out in an unambiguous manner.



Our Frank!Framework is an Open Source platform that is free for everyone to use. We regularly develop new building blocks. We do this at the request of our customer, but also because we like to build our own framework. We then add that new component to the Frank!Framework. In this way, we return the further development to the community, so that other developers can get started with the framework.

In addition, our implementation is also Open Source, so the configuration and business logic are just yours. Without complicated contracts or expensive licenses involved. So there is no vendor lock-in. Our goal is that customers like to work with us and the Frank!Framework, because we are good at our job and offer a smart solution.



If you ask a Java programmer: can you link these systems? , then the answer is always yes. For a single link, this is not a problem, but if you link multiple systems together, this becomes a mess with all kinds of dependencies. And it's a costly affair. Our integration specialists are available from €70,00 per hour, while a Java programmer quickly costs between €100,00 and €150,00 per hour. Our integration specialists are not only cheaper but can work twice as fast as a expensive Java specialist due to the ready-made proven integration building blocks.

Our integration specialists are available from €70,00 per hour, while a Java programmer costs between €100,00 and €150,00 per hour.

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The cost to build a link with the Frank!Framework is significantly lower than with a Java link that is programmed to measure. Our people work quickly, because they use a standard product. In addition, each application in our framework uses the same building blocks that are configured in readable XML files. No more complex programming work is needed for different systems to communicate with each other. This makes maintenance easier, amongst many other things.



After your applications have been put into production, we also offer you support and management. This isn’t mandatory! We must mention that every application made with the Frank!Framework has a user-friendly management module, which allows an administrator to monitor whether all processes are running smoothly. This allows you to solve 99 out of 100 problems yourself. Do you still opt for a support contract for the framework and the applications? Then you can contract us for just €500,00 per month. You decide the duration yourself.



Have you become curious about our Frank!Framework and what we can do for you? We are happy to visit you to get acquainted and provide a tailor-made demo.


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